Tasers : The Good, the Bad, and the….Shocking!

Unnecessary Taser Use By Pittsburgh Police??

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Right? Wrong?

Wish I had seen the 5 minutes prior to when the tape started rolling–I think that MIGHT make the circumstances seem a bit different.


Police Repeatedly Taser Unarmed Senior Citizen At Los Angeles Air Port (LAX)

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Those old farts sure are fiesty, hey 50,000 volts’ll do the trick!

Naked Man…Stun Gun…Scrotum….Oh My.

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Yet another “high voltage + genitals = screaming man” video clip: http://thetravisty.com/Just_Funny/wmv/Taser_to_the_Testicles.htm

I know it’s a regular stun-gun, not a Taser per-se, but…but….I just couldn’t help myself!! Bwahahahahaaa!!

After I saw that video I laughed so hard I cried…..and I felt his pain Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Police Officer Tasered in Testicles in Training Accident

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Video clip: http://rescuehumor.com/video/TASER_to_Balls.htm

Title says it all.

“Well, it had been 3 months since my training and I forgot about the 12 degree down angle, and….” Oops. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wonder if the shooter got his ass kicked after that?? I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but that’s not a mistake I’d easily forgive if you know what I mean!!

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Auckland Constable Zaps Self and Innocent 16-year old boy, Pepper Sprays Innocent Girl

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Oh this is just too good, some snippets:

The constable accidentally blasted himself with the Taser’s 50,000 volts as he reloaded the weapon while trying to stun a man at the centre of the domestic incident…After five attempts to hit the man, the officer eventually used pepper spray. This hit the man’s 21-year-old daughter, also an unintended target…It is believed that at one point the officer received a jolt after putting his hand in the Taser…


WOAH! I found an eyewitness account in a forum posting, very interesting.

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A firearms forum called ‘The Firing Line’ has a 6-page-long debate raging over this, with a surprising number of gun owners (who one would think are obviously conservative and therefore very pro-LE) dissenting against the officer’s actions, and one of the eyewitness students has a long post there with his account: http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228564&page=5

The first thing I noticed was the student shout “don’t touch me” the very first time when he was still as his desk (a little earlier than when the camera began to roll I believe. I was about 30 feet away from him.) I hadn’t noticed the policemen come in. I looked over and I saw the student standing up, his hands were in the air in a very “get your hands off me” manner…

What did I tell you??? See, this guy was being uncooperative and combative from the get-go, and I still stand by my original assertion that, at the VERY least, he deserved the first zap he got!!

…One other student and I started speaking with this officer, saying mostly 1) this student is being assaulted by these officers and you have to stop this and 2) we want the names and badge numbers of all the officers there. He told us that we would get them and that we needed to calm down. The student was pretty much motionless at this point except for the few times he was being tased. We continued complaining as the student was being dragged out, but he was badly obscured at this point by several officers and security guards. Then another officer approached me directly and told me to back up, to which I replied with some witty remark about the limits of his authority in the situation. He told me again to back up, and I said something like “I just want your badge numbers” and he told me again to back up right now and that if I didn’t move back I would be tased too. I didn’t move and looked at him directly, at which point he raised his taser gun and pointed it at me (I saw the red light glow right in the center of it) and said “try me”. I turned around and lifted my hands.

Ok, THAT does not sound good–at all. Granted, this is still possibly biased or mistaken–eyewitness accounts often are–but if it’s even half-ass correct, it’s starting to paint a very disturbing picture of at least one officer’s actions.

Officer in question had prior complaints and was involved in the shooting that led to the Tasers being issued in the first place…

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Title says it all, I’m not going to comment on this just yet, only to say that there are complaints and there are unsubstantiated complaints, and there is a big difference.

UCLA Taser Incident

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The Infamous UCLA-Taser Incident (YouTube)

Ok, lets start off with this one since it’s getting a lot of media attention right now.

First of all, if you weren’t one of the officers involved, the suspect, or an eyewitness who saw the whole thing from beginning to end then you have NO business saying what should or should not have happened, or who’s wrong and why. You don’t know all the circumstances, and that video of the event is really horrible as far as deriving solid facts goes–you can’t actually SEE (literally) what is going on the entire time, you hear a lot of stuff (much of which is muffled by lots of people yelling) but you can’t really tell what’s going on.

Second of all, people seriously overrate what a Taser is capable of: it’s a long range stun gun, that’s it. It is a less-than-lethal weapon that is low on the

    force continuum

due to it’s very low likelihood of causing serious injury or death. Notice I said it was very unlikely to cause serious injury or death, not impossible. This really isn’t important, because technically there is no ‘non-lethal’ weapon, although people call them that. The professional term used by LE (Law Enforcement, and a LEO is a Law Enforcement Officer, FYI) is ‘less than lethal’, and the reason is that just about anything can cause serious injury or death–remember that girl that got shot in the eye with a paintball by a Boston cop a while back? See what I mean? You might not think of a paintball gun as being able to cause serious injury, but it is possible which is why something like that is never called ‘non-lethal’, as there’s always the off chance that it will do something it shouldn’t and seriously hurt or kill someone, however unlikely it may be.

It is VERY uncommon that a Taser seriously injures or kills someone, yet it’s VERY effective at incapacitating an aggresive suspect, which comes out to mean a win-win situation for the cops which is why it’s so damned popular: incapacitates suspect causing him to cease dangerous activity, cops don’t get hurt, bystanders don’t get hurt, and the suspect doesn’t get hurt (hurt meaning injured here, Tasers hurt but they don’t cause injury–big difference)! “Hey, that’s great!” says Law Enforcement.

And this really is accurate, it’s just that on the RARE occasion that someone is injured or killed by a Taser, the news media jump on it like jackals so it seems like it’s a much bigger problem than it really is: if cops were subduing suspects by throwing cow patties at them and 1 in 100,000 people who have a cow patty thrown at them die, BUT every time someone dies as a result the news media plasters it all over the place but don’t mention the statistics, so every week you’re hearing about cops killing people with cow patties, you might think the cops are being overzealous and abusive, and that maybe the cow patties are too dangerous and shouldn’t be used, or at least a lot less often–but what if you knew the actual odds of being injured or killed by said cow patty, that is 1 in 100,000? Then you might think differently, then you might say the media is blowing it out of proportion! See what I mean?

Also, Tasers are weapons that tend to incapacitate for a very short period of time with no lasting effects. Notice I said ‘tend to’, not ‘always’–it’s all about the odds of serious injury, not whether or not it ‘could’ happen. Want to see a lot of examples of Tasering’s, maybe enough to be STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT so that you can see what is most LIKELY to happen?? Video demo’s on Tasers website: http://www.taser.com/law/videos.htm

What’s that? Taser is obviously biased so they probably cherry pick the videos they show? How about every Taser video on Google Video and YouTube??


By the way, I am NOT Law Enforcement, never have been, have no family members or close friends who are or ever have been, and I am not associated with Taser or anyone else selling their products or anything similar. I just have common sense, respect for Police and other Law Enforcement, and a complete LACK of respect for CRIMINAL SCUMBAGS!